Example case

What do you do with a complex file that is in the hands of two clients? What’s the best way to merge two completely different magazines into one? Let us explain with the Enjoy Beauty case.

Initial situation

Before it was entrusted to All-in-Media, the high-circulation magazine Beauty used to be printed in rotation.  It was left in about fifty stores. Enjoy was a lower circulation magazine with a different look and feel, and printed on sheets. Copies were personalised and sent to recipients’ addresses. The two magazines were interested in joining forces.

Both Beauty and Enjoy were targeted at individual and chain-store perfume and cosmetics stores. Sponsors and advertisers obviously wanted a combined magazine for their promotions.


  • All-in-Media devised the best strategy and concept: the ideal format, the best printing technique, the distribution method, and so on.
  • It was decided to use sheet-fed printing, with a personalisation page for each store.
  • All-in-Media examined the most cost-efficient way of including a voucher or flyer.
  • Approximately 50 stores each receive 1,000 to 2,000 copies.
  • Most are sent unwrapped, addressed to the recipient. Some sales points also request copies for distribution.


  • The print management and every step of the coordination from beginning to end is in the safe hands of All-in-Media. The magazine is published four times a year.
  • A detailed schedule is closely followed 24/7.
  • There are certain requirements concerning the inclusion of coupons and inserts, which vary from edition to edition, because not all stores participate in every promotion.
  • All-in-Media knows exactly what can be done, on which type of paper and at which location.
  • All-in-Media keeps everything under control with its colour-coded overview table. This covers everything, up to and including preparing the magazines for distribution.
  • Geert knows all the price agreements, and keeps an eye on them, while Nicole handles all the logistics. 

All-in-Media =

  • Experienced employees who really do know everything there is to know about their job.
  • Customers are relieved of every concern, because we have an immediate solution for every problem.
  • Independent from suppliers (content agencies, graphic agencies, printers, etc.).
  • Very competitive thanks to our expertise: All-in-Media is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to knowing how much paper costs, which printer can do what, and all the possibilities available to stay within your budget.