Is your printed media keeping up with contemporary developments?

A spoken word, an image, a video … all very ephemeral. All-in-Media continues to believe in the power of printed media. This is also backed up by the numbers: advertisers who abandoned their printed communications saw their turnover fall by 25%. The trick is to make sure your publication stands out. It will only be kept if it has a professional appearance, and the message it contains is powerful enough to generate impact. The Enjoy Beauty magazine exemplifies this well, as do publications with luxury products and periodicals from health authorities.

Hardcopy and digital: the reader decides

Printed communications remain a must for non-profit organisations and all kinds of federations, because hardcopy tends to be kept more permanently by the hand than digital publications. The frequency with which publications are printed is something we like to discuss with clients. The period between editions can be extended if hardcopy is supplemented with the right digital channels.

In short: All-in-Media’s expertise goes well beyond print management. If you wish, all the channels linked with your publication can be looked at in detail. We’d be delighted to accompany your transition to a multichannel approach.

Your publication on our digital platform

All-in-Media’s deal with a publisher means we can place lots of publications online for a very competitive fee. If you only have a limited number of publications per year, running your own platform would cost much more.


Our platform is a protected environment, where your members or subscribers can always re-read and consult all your publications. Our analyses will immediately teach you a lot about click behaviour.

Your printed and digital publication, and everything associated with it.


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